Creep heat lamps that last longer [video]

quartz heat lamp

New from Mundigo are quartz heat lamps which directly replace typical 175W glass heat bulbs. They are tough and will last three to four times longer than normal heat bulbs under normal conditions.

The main frame of the lamps is made of aluminium and stainless steel – absolutely no glass! The infrared quartz element is coated to make it water resistant, which is perfect for piggeries.

Replacement for common heat lamps

Firstly, the heat lamps are available as a complete fixture including aluminium reflective shade, lamp holder with HI-LO-OFF switch, and 1.7m cord with 3-pin plug. The lamp replacement costs are very low because only the element is replaced – not the entire lamp.

Complete fixture with cord and plug

quartz heat lamp fixtureAlternatively if you already have the shade, lamp holder and cord, you can simply use the quartz 175W lamp with Edison screw thread in place of the traditional glass bulb.

Even if they last twice as long as what you have, they will cut your costs in half. So they are definitely worth trying. The cost of the lamps is comparable, if not cheaper than glass bulbs.

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