New farrowing shed pushes the right buttons

IMG_0532When the Rudigers decided to build a new farrowing shed they  had given it plenty of thought. What Mundigo designed for them met all their needs to take their piggery to the next level.

Ray and Carol Rudiger have been supplying specialized breeding stock to the pig industry for many years and have a heritage of competing and winning at country shows. They know the importance of the farrowing area and knew what they wanted when the time came to replace their old shed.

Firstly the new shed had to be controlled environment with evaporative cooling to beat the hot weather they experience in the Mallee. They opted for 2m wide farrowing pens instead of the standard 1.8m to give the piglets more space and less overlays. They also chose LP gas hot water floor heating because of their limited power availability, but also with power outlets for a supplemental heat light during farrowing.

Another nice feature was an enclosed office and storage space built inside the farrowing shed near the main entrance with a fridge, sink and a place to have a quick coffee.

The Rudigers had installed Mundigo farrowing crates several years earlier which made their choice for new farrowing crates easy.

The lac sow feeders are filled with a Weda chain disk dry feeding system and AP Systems feed drops, allowing multiple feeds per day.

After Mundigo worked with the Rudigers to finalize the right design and pass drawings through council, Richard Boshoff from Mundigo managed the entire project from beginning to end including earthworks, gas tank sourcing and  installation, coordinating electricians and gas fitters, and supervising all construction. The project was completed on time and handed over with no extra add-on costs.

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