Roll-down piggery curtains – a great idea!


There’s got to be a better way to keep side wall curtains on pig sheds from flapping around and being untidy. Many men have scratched their heads wondering how a curtain can be neatly rolled onto a pipe and still open from the top down.

Now there is a way, without using counter-weights!

The patented system from Germany is simple and effective, and rolls the curtain neatly onto a pipe as the curtain opens from the top. The curtain is kept tight through all stages of opening and strong winds are not a problem.

The system can be either manually or automatically operated using the special winches and coupling systems sold by Mundigo. In fact the winches are interchangeable so you can upgrade from manual to automatic whenever you need to. One winch is needed for each side of the shed and the maximum curtain length per winch is about 50m. Maximum drop is about 3.2m

Mundigo provide the complete system including curtains made-to-measure, hardware, fasteners, detailed instructions and advice. Give us a call and get a quote!


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