Stanfield creep heat mats – reliable and safe.

stanfield matElectric creep heat mats are gaining popularity in Aussie farrowing sheds because they save money – they use less power and they last for years. A Stanfield heat mat uses 140 Watt per creep area when running at full capacity (compared to a lamp which uses 175 Watt). However heat mats typically run less than full capacity when used with a creep heat controller.

The mat’s surface temperature needs to be 36 degrees at farrowing and reduced typically 2 degrees per week, so creep heat control is essential (you can’t raise and lower a mat!) Because mats waste less heat than lamps and their heat output is lower, the overall room temperature will be comparably lower. This is an important consideration – if the farrowing shed room temperature drops below 16 degrees on a cold night the piglets may suffer even if the heat mats are at the right temperature. Piglets will be warm on the bottom, cold on top. So installing heat mats in a cold, draughty, uninsulated farrowing shed may not be the best option unless they’re installed with supplementary heat lamps.

Mundigo are the only Australian company buying direct from the manufacturers in Kansas USA, so we naturally have a competitive edge with pricing and service. Stanfield mats come with a 12 month full replacement warranty, and mats typically last 8 years and beyond. Pressure-cleanable, jump-onable, non-chewable – a good investment. Mats are 1530 x 305mm per creep area and come in double or single. They attached to slatted floors using cable ties or to concrete using masonary anchors.

Give Mundigo a call for a quote. If you have a creep heating control system already the Stanfield mats will probably connect straight in, otherwise we have new options available.

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