The latest technology employed in PNG piggery

png 2Think of a piggery in Papua New Guinea and you wouldn’t normally think of modern sheds with the latest ventilation and equipment technology. But that’s normal at Boroma – a 500 sow farrow-to-finish piggery located 25km north of Port Moresby.

There is a modern feed mill on the farm and feed components are shipped in containers mainly from Brisbane. Pigs are processed at a local abattoir to supply local supermarkets and butchers. Piggery png 3staff comprises mainly of local villagers with expat managers.

Alan chose all-steel prefabricated sheds to take the piggery from 250 to 500 sows. New controlled environment farrowing and weaner sheds were built, as well as a tunnel ventilated dry-sow mating shed, with evaporative cooling. The existing buildings were converted to grower accommodation.

png 1The ventilation systems were designed, supplied and commissioned by Mike Andersen of Mundigo. The systems were designed to cope with the high temperatures and humidity, and Mundigo worked with the construction manager and shed suppliers to ensure trouble-free installation of fans, evaporative cooling systems, air inlets and control equipment.

png 4Construction and fit-out was done mostly by a crew of supervised local workers, many who had very little building experience. But the final result was professional and equal to modern sheds built anywhere else in the world.

Mundigo designed and supplied the internal equipment including farrowing crates, dry sow stalls, mating pens, nursery, grower and finisher pens and feeders. The gates, fence panels and posts were all custom designed to fit into the new and existing buildings. Fence panels had pre-punched holes to match the feeder frames so no on-site drilling was required.

 Farrowing crates and dry sow stalls designs were specific for this farm, designed jointly between Alan and Mike.

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